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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Unhumor gathers together top sources to give you the best fake news you can find on the internet. We make sure to source any true information so that you have the opportunity to learn something while laughing.

Economists: Globalization is good because “what are you, an idiot?”

All around the world, economists are in agreement. Globalization is good because "what are you, an idiot?" Unfortunately, some conspiracy theorists think that we should buy locally. What those dingbats don't understand is the idea of comparative advantage...

The enemy of the American people calls media “the enemy of the American people”

On Feb. 17, Trump called five mainstream news organizations "the enemy of the American People!" Not coincidentally, many Americans see Trump as the enemy of the American people. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/832708293516632065 In a surprising twist, liberals now say the...

Huckabee: Bible has no issues with “butt stuff”

Cue a collection of outrage from the left. "How can he go on picking and choosing what's immoral every day?" said one Democratic senator. "First he had a problem with pornography, and now he's ok...

Trump nominates wolf to “Department of Sheep”

Most experts say they are unsurprised by Trump's recent nomination.



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