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Sunday, February 23, 2020

JavaScript now official language of China

Don't call it a function of things to come: JavaScript is now the official language of China. The move signals a significant blow to competitiveness for U.S. programmers, whose first language is English. Incredibly, America is still...

Economists: Globalization is good because “what are you, an idiot?”

All around the world, economists are in agreement. Globalization is good because "what are you, an idiot?" Unfortunately, some conspiracy theorists think that we should buy locally. What those dingbats don't understand is the idea of comparative advantage...

The enemy of the American people calls media “the enemy of the American people”

On Feb. 17, Trump called five mainstream news organizations "the enemy of the American People!" Not coincidentally, many Americans see Trump as the enemy of the American people. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/832708293516632065 In a surprising twist, liberals now say the...

Huckabee: Bible has no issues with “butt stuff”

Cue a collection of outrage from the left. "How can he go on picking and choosing what's immoral every day?" said one Democratic senator. "First he had a problem with pornography, and now he's ok...

Anti-vaxxer dad demands flu shot after both kids fall ill

A local father who was convinced that vaccines cause autism now wants the flu vaccine for himself. The father's oldest son, Daniel, has a fever of 101°F and has been sleeping like a log for the...

Trump and Pence cloned 100s of times to make LGBT+ flag

"Equality comes at a cost," the flag maker said. "In this case, that cost will be $15 plus shipping and handling."   Those in the liberal community have praised the flag as "bold, but necessary." As...

Healthcare insurance CEO cleared to go to heaven

The call was a huge loss for progressives, who pegged it as another example of the justice system being rigged to favor the rich.

Grandma’s microwave is too small to fit her new plates

Once the stress died down, your Grandma sat in front of her standard-definition television and watched a re-run of a show she recorded on VHS.

Trump nominates wolf to “Department of Sheep”

Most experts say they are unsurprised by Trump's recent nomination.

My girlfriend is good, but I can imagine a better one

Sources confirm that now you're with someone else and it's a lot better.



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