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I have a piece of paper from Wheaton College that says I know economics.

Solar eclipse somehow Obama’s fault

A priest is actually claiming that a common solar eclipse is somehow punishment for the Obama years.

Mississippi man on recycling: “I won’t use somebody else’s paper!”

"Where I come from, here in America, we throw stuff out and we don't get it back," the man said.

Dark clouds replace Steve Bannon as WH chief strategist

Ominous clouds moved over the White House Thursday, removing any suspicions that Trump would be hiring a more reasoned chief strategist this go around. "These...

After first paycheck, liberal becomes Rand Paul supporter

Dear god, they're taking $200 of my $900 paycheck?! Time to support Rand Paul for president," you declared after seeing your SmartAsset tax estimator. "More than 39%...

If global warming is real, why aren’t I sweating balls right...

All I want is a scientific explanation for my anatomical observation.

It’s time for real gender equality: Let men play field hockey

We all know that gender stereotypes continue to exist today.

Family: 6’8″ Comey not readjusting to normal life

His family also noted that Comey keeps hitting his head on their low ceilings, which apparently are "much lower than they are in Washington."

NBC creates “Where’s Aleppo?” game show featuring Gary Johnson

When it comes to politics, Americans don't know much of anything, but they do know as much as Gary Johnson.

Jesus: I was whitewashed in “Passion of the Christ”

Declaring it a case of Western narcissism and ignorance to the highest extreme, the Son of God declared once and for all that he...

Nutritionist refuses to follow own advice

Despite being professionally trained to understand the benefits of healthy foods, many nutritionists displayed the same bad habits of normal everyday people. "Look, if I'm...



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