It’s time for real gender equality: Let men play field hockey

Men's Field Hockey

We all know that gender stereotypes continue to exist today. Perhaps the biggest crime of all, however, is that an estimated 100% of American field hockey players are women.

You may be thinking: who cares? After all, shouldn’t we be focused on real issues when it comes to gender segregation? Women, for instance, make up 98% of kindergarten teachers but less than 20% of computer scientists. This has real affects on the gender pay gap, which currently stands at 26%. Field hockey, on the other hand, is normally just an extracurricular in high school.

But sometimes, it’s not about the money. Men are suffering. Don’t believe me? Why not?


In addition, check out this male field hockey player wearing a skirt! If you laughed at the man in the skirt, it’s because you’re not used to seeing that sexist.


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