NBC creates “Where’s Aleppo?” game show featuring Gary Johnson


NBC officials confirmed on Friday that 2016 presidential candidate Gary Johnson will host a new TV game show this September. The show challenges Americans to become more politically informed than the guy who famously asked “and what is Aleppo?”

When it comes to politics, Americans don’t know much of anything, but they do know as much as Gary Johnson. According to Salon, 42% of Americans think that “the first language of the United States is English” and 91% of Americans can’t name the current Chief Justice. One producer confirmed that much of the show’s humor is expected to come from the host and contestants one upping each other in extreme political ignorance.

Johnson, who’s last name is slang for “penis”, confirmed that one of his most embarrassing moments was when he couldn’t name a single foreign leader. “That was definitely a brain-melt for me,” Johnson said. “How could I forget the sexiness of Justin Trudeau, especially at a time like that?

At press time, Gary Johnson confirmed that he was using the show to bolster his foreign policy knowledge before his run for president in 2020.


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