Jesus: I was whitewashed in “Passion of the Christ”


Declaring it a case of Western narcissism and ignorance to the highest extreme, the Son of God declared once and for all that he was not white and to stop showing him that way. “I was from Galilee, I look Middle Eastern,” said Jesus. “The dominant genes in that area would have given me an olive complexion, brown eyes and black hair. Where did you possibly get fair-skinned from all that?”

In addition to paintings that show him as paper white, Jesus was also concerned that his image was being used to further the whitewashing of Hollywood.

“”Did you see who played me in Passion of the Christ?” the Son of God asked sarcastically. “Jim Caviezel is half Irish and half Swiss. What part of ‘Middle Eastern’ don’t you understand?”



For some reason, much of the Global North believes that their Savior is white. In what could only be described as a coincidence, the United States currently has heavy biases against individuals in the Middle East and other minority groups.


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