JavaScript now official language of China


Don’t call it a function of things to come: JavaScript is now the official language of China. The move signals a significant blow to competitiveness for U.S. programmers, whose first language is English. Incredibly, America is still debating whether or not K-12 students should be required to take computer science classes.

China’s President Xi Jinping formally announced the move on Thursday, saying “function sum() {
var x = 0;
for (var i=0; i < arguments.length; ++i {
x += arguments [i];
return x;


Take that, American moderate!

American coders are being left behind. Sad!

“For America to gain from globalization, education must invest in high-skills,” said one economist. “I recommend a communist government that forces you to learn JavaScript.”

In response to the move, Donald Trump announced 20% tariffs on all foreign JavaScript.

Bad move, Donald.


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