Trump and Pence cloned 100s of times to make LGBT+ flag


    “Equality comes at a cost,” the flag maker said. “In this case, that cost will be $15 plus shipping and handling.”


    Those in the liberal community have praised the flag as “bold, but necessary.” As one Democratic staffer explained, “”This flag raises awareness that LGBT+ individuals still don’t have equal employment rights in 28 states.”

    Senator Cory Booker agrees, and hopes associating his name with the flag will advance his political career. “I love seeming like a liberal on social issues,” he explained. “This means tomorrow I can stand up for Big Pharma and people will simply view me as moderate.”

    Of course, Mike Pence was angry about the flag because he always is.

    “Just because I took away funding from HIV prevention and gave it to conversation therapy groups doesn’t mean I hate gays,” responded Pence. “I’m actually looking out for them.”


    The flag maker says you’ll soon be able to purchase the flag online.


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