The enemy of the American people calls media “the enemy of the American people”


On Feb. 17, Trump called five mainstream news organizations “the enemy of the American People!” Not coincidentally, many Americans see Trump as the enemy of the American people.

In a surprising twist, liberals now say the mainstream media has earned their complete trust. Just a few months prior, Democrats criticized CNN for creating a false equivalency between Trump and Clinton, and complained that news organizations generally didn’t cover important issues.

“I was mad that CNN would incessantly cover missing airplanes and not give two sh*ts about TPP’s effect on Vietnamese AIDS patients,” said one. “But now I can’t get enough of Jake Tapper.”


Liberals say “Wow, I never knew Jake Tapper was so badass.”

However, many of those in rural areas still stand by Trump.

“The economy is doing great because Donald Trump says it’s doing great,” said one Mississippi Republican voter. “My financial struggles are a fallacy constructed by Lester Holt over at NBC News.”


Note: This article is satirical. Trump, however, is actually our president.


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